Our assets are the people working at Accovion. Therefore, Accovion provides a professional environment that attracts, develops and retains outstanding employees who are committed to their international career growth.

Personal satisfaction and professional achievement

We provide a culture in which you will enjoy personal satisfaction and professional achievement while having the ability to map out your career plans. We encourage not only the regular professional development from "junior" to "senior" employee with ongoing qualification and training programs. We also encourage job rotation between the departments and the subisidiaries, which enables people to experience more than only a single view while working at Accovion.

Commitment to staff training and development

We offer competitive compensation and performance-related bonuses to attract and keep the best people. A cornerstone of our policy is our commitment to ongoing training and personal development to help you to manage your personal and professional life. We also offer the opportunity to work with expert groups in an international environment.

Competitive benefits and compensation

Accovion offers a variety of benefits and compensations, which are appreciated and welcomed:

Attractive Remuneration

  • Highly competitively salary
  • Performance-related special payments

Flexible Working Conditions

  • Flexible working hours
  • Possibility to work homebased
  • Multiple part-time variations


  • Preferred re-entering after maternity or parental leave
  • Special company leave to care for family members

And much more…

Job opportunities

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