Clinical Trial Management

Excellence in execution

Clinical trials require the use of human subjects and can severely impact the safety and well-being of the participating subjects. Success or failure of clinical trials can also severely impact large amounts of capital. For those performing the trial, the proper management of clinical trials is crucial.

The clinical trial execution process at Accovion involves coordinating people and resources, as well as integrating and performing all study-specific and needed activities in accordance with the study protocol and the project management plan.

Accovion’s Clinical Trial Management services include:

  • Setting up study-specific procedures and documents, such as:
    • Feasibility questionnaires
    • Site assessment and identification plan
    • Monitoring plan
    • Patient information leaflet and informed consent documents
    • Patient recruitment plan
    • Patient retention strategy
    • Trial master file (TMF) and tracking within the Accovion TMF database
    • Investigator Study File
    • Contract negotiation and implementation
    • Grant management
    • Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS)
  • Selection and coordination of:
    • Central laboratories
    • Investigational medicinal product logistics
    • Data Monitoring Committee
  • Training for study specific-procedures and underlying regulatory requirements to all involved stakeholders
  • Coordination of all study-related activities in all participating countries and between all involved stakeholders
  • Organization of meetings, e.g. investigator meetings

When it comes to clinical trial execution, Accovion offers a team of specialists that manage your trial efficiently, within compliance and on time. The Accovion Clinical Trial Management team has the expert qualifications you need to set up and execute your clinical trial, including:

  • Regulatory and operational experience
  • Sound scientific and therapeutic background
  • Stable team members, especially important for long-term trials
  • Efficient communication flow capabilities
  • Exceptional organizational talents
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