Statistical Programming

An accurate, informative and easy-to-understand presentation of your clinical data, including complete traceability, depends on sophisticated statistical programming. Accovion’s Statistical Programming services offer highly skilled SAS® programmers with extensive experience in:

Data preparation and programming of tables, listings, and graphs or figures (TLG/TLF)
Virtual Linux SAS® programming environment
Data integration for pooled analysis
CDISC data conversion and consulting
Regulatory submission support
Pharmacokinetics analysis
Graphical patient profiles

Accovion understands your needs and applies state-of-the-art industry practices to ensure regulatory compliance and facilitate regulatory review of your data. Accovion’s thorough understanding of clinical data combined with an efficient SAS® programming environment results in high-quality data presentation. Accovion’s SAS® programming environment includes Good Programming Practices (GPP) and up-to-date standard procedures for program development and validation.

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Director Statistical Programming

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